About PaWS


Hello, welcome to my mini menagerie here at PaWS HQ! 

I paint in Acrylics and reproduce some of my smaller works on removable wall stickers for around the home.

Initially I started my website to sell unique animal sculptures created with recycled papers and reeled garden wire. No paint, just coloured papers gleaned from hundreds of magazines which made each piece unique.

Hence the name ‘PAWS’ - Paper and Wire Sculptures. These days though it stands for Paintings and Wall Stickers!

My paper sculptures are a rare thing these days, as my work evolves all the time and I am currently addicted to painting with resin!

My acrylic paintings of animals and birds remain my first love though and I continue to add more to my collection. 

My little painting prints now live all over the world!

I also live with a small paper mouse (Monty) who 'helps' me with my creations... ;)

Please join me over on Facebook with a `Like` on my page and follow my work in progress posts and ramblings - I’d love to hear from you!

'Come on Monty, let's pop the kettle on just in case...' 


Thanks for visiting! 

Sue x